HPS BBC Lenco Malibu Wagon

Hps 82 Malibu Wagon has had many engine combo’s over the years some of which have moved on and been sold to some of our customers for their personal race car projects. For 2014 we stuck with ┬áthe ol’ tried and tested 427 Big block that’s been kicking around the homestead since high school. We then plumbed a couple kits of nitrous on it all fed through a Lenco St1200 5 Speed manual transmission for fun both on the track and on the street!

  • 427 C.I.D Big block Chevrolet (Stock Block,2 Bolt Main, Stock GM Crank)
  • AFR 305cc cylinder heads
  • NOS Dual Cross Bar Nitrous kit
  • Narrowed Ford 9″
  • North of 800 RWHP on the guns!
  • Best ET on the 26 x 8.5″ Slick – 5.95@120


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